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The Summer Escapes and Summer Waves Oval ring pools offer an appealing combination of quick and easy setup along with long lasting durable frame. The innovated shape offers plenty of swimming range. Highlighting both the inflatable top ring and supportive frame, you will be in the water in no time and will be able to relish your pool all season long! Our complete Summer Escapes and Summer Waves Oval ring pool assemblies can be purchased at any of our authorized retail stores for a reasonable price. If you find yourself needing a new pool liner replacement, this is the place to find a variety of pool liner sizes, made of durable three layer laminated PVC for your Polygroup pool. Your family and friends will be the envy of the neighborhood as you splash and swim all summer long. If you are in need of other pool replacement parts for your oval ring pool as well, you are at the right place! Search through our large assortment of OEM Polygroup pool replacement parts for a guaranteed fit to your Summer Escapes and Summer Waves pools. We carry other pool supplies such as underwater patches, filter cartridges and many more. Most of our pool parts come with a warranty to make sure you get the most enjoyment of your Polygroup pool! If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to review our Online Help Center or give us a call for friendly customer assistance!

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