Polygroup Tree Products

Polygroup is please to offer the following universal tree products for sale. We hope to offer more products in the near future.

Choose Your Tree Product

Plastic Light Clips White

Light Bulb Remover

Tree Bag

Tree Bag with Wheels

Plastic Washer, Green (5 per bag)

Plastic Washer, White (5 per bag)

Hinge Pins, Black - 4.19mm x 16mm (5 per bag)

Hinge Pins, White Zinc (5 per bag)

Hinge Pins, Black - 4.19mm x 18mm (5 per bag)

Zip Straps, Black (5 per bag)

Zip Straps, Transparent (5 per bag)

Zip Straps, Green (5 per bag)

Tree Timer, Dark Green