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Prepare as the summer days are about to arrive, enjoy it in the ProSeries or Summer Waves Elite round metal frame pool this summer! Polygroup Round metal frame pools can be setup in as little as 20 minutes with the help of another person. The ProSeries and Elite pools are constructed from durable galvanized steel and powder coated with a corrosion resistant layer. All of our ProSeries and Elite pool liner replacements are also constructed with two laminated PVC layers onto an inner layer of a mesh to complete the tough triple layer PolyStrength liner. The PolyStrength on the ProSeries and Elite liners are made of thicker PVC layers and makes the design of the pool to with stand rigorous use with additional anti-slip mesh floor for safety of your family and longevity of your pool. The metal frame pool makes for a simple installation ideally with two people. Polygroup Summer Waves Elite metal frame pool assemblies can be purchased at any of our authorized retailers. We have an extensive line of ProSeries and Elite pool parts and replacement pool liners. Not to mention all of our parts are OEM Polygroup parts and we can reassure that our parts will fit onto your original Polygroup pool. Our metal frame pools come equipped with different options for filtration systems and are compatible with our deluxe maintenance kits. You can find other pool accessories by viewing our line of Polygroup products online. Most of our pool parts come with warranty to make sure you get the most enjoyment of your Polygroup pool! Go ahead and take a splash into our online Polygroup store or if you need a hand please give us a call or visit our Online Help Center!

ProSeries™ or Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame Round Pool - Beam Types
Please select the shape that corresponds with your metal frame.

Oblong Type

Oval Type