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Pool Covers & Canopies

Using a pool cover or a transparent solar cover will assist in maintaining pH and chlorine levels by reducing the amount of evaporation from your pool. It will also help eliminate or reduce the amount of debris that falls into the pool.

Standard Pool Covers

Pool covers are made from a durable PVC material and have a rope tie to secure them to the pool. There are different types of standard pool covers: Ring Pool Covers and Frame Pool Covers. The difference between these covers is simply the size, a Ring Pool Cover will need to be larger so that it fits securely around the inflated ring whether the pool is Round or Oval.

Transparent, Adjustable Covers

Transparent adjustable pool covers are made from durable transparent PVC material and have a rope tie to secure it to the pool. Comes in adjustable sizes for Round pools: 12'-14', 16'-18', and 16'-20'.


Canopies are made from the same PVC material and can be attached to either a Ring or Round Frame pool. Canopies partially cover the pool for use while swimming.